Hey there, WAM lovers!

Ever had an amazing fantasy or idea for a story, but you just couldn’t put the idea into words? Zx Stories has got you covered.

We are looking to take on commissions. I currently have a very free time table and am willing to cover just about anything you care to name – especially if it includes covering people in something sticky. We have next-to-no limits on what we are willing to write about so come at us with your silliest, weirdest, most bizarre fantasies and you will not be disappointed. As long as everything is legal and you are you are over 18, almost anything goes. Not sure about something? Ask!

Obviously, you will have other questions too. Questions are great! Questions help us figure out exactly what you want and help to ensure that you are getting a story tailor-made for your own tastes. That’s what really matters in the end. We have a contact page¬†where you can ask away. There are no stupid questions. This is the same address used to commission a piece so feel free to dive right in.

Pricing starts at £50 (upfront, paid via Paypal) and that guarantees a minimum of 5,000 words. Anything above 6,000 is where we begin to negotiate but we can be flexible over the details. We have no special rates for public or private stories: as long you credit Zx Stories clearly, you can do what you want once the story is in your hands. Hell, we actively encourage you to brag about it and tell people how good it is.

Time scales are negotiable, of course, but we aim to get an average story completed within two weeks. Our writer’s regular job is working from home, so there is plenty of time to squeeze WAM writing into the daily routine.

We have an entire section dedicated to showing off what we have written in the past so absolutely go and check out our previous work and see if it’s to your tastes. We’re certain you’ll find something you like and if you don’t – ask us to write something you love!