Tash ‘n’ Mike 2 – Tash’s Revenge

She said she would get me back but I wasn’t expecting this. Tash stands over me in her best black lingerie, red lace, garter belt – the whole works. I’m tied fast, on my back, to the table in my living room, wearing just my boxers, unable to move more than an inch or two either way. After visibly gloating over the situation for a moment, she saunters over to me, holding a feather in her hand and giving me ‘you’re not going anywhere’ look.
She runs the feather down my chest, gently, making me squirm as its soft bristles tickle my bare skin. Suddenly, from under the table, she pulls out a big custard pie and splats it squarely in my face, before smearing it down the top of my chest. Then she licks the custard off my nipples, making me squirm against the rope that holds me. Reaching under the table once more, she pulls out a can of whipped cream and takes off the lid. She squirts a pile of the stuff on my face then two blobs over my nipples. When she’s satisfied with my humiliation – for a while at least – she holds the can upright over her heaving chest and empties the remainder of the can inside her lacy bra.
‘Sit back and enjoy the show,’ she instructs me. I just lie there and stare, dazed and confused but oh-so turned on. It’s not as if I can do much else anyway.
Her breasts coated in thick, sticky cream, she presses her chest against mine and squishes all that cream between the two of us. The feeling of her cream-slick body rubbing and sliding against my own is indescribable. I swallow deeply as the cream continues to be smeared between her breasts and my chest. Eventually, though, she stops and pulls out a jug of custard from beneath the table. For a moment I have time to think: how much has she managed to fit under there anyway? My thoughts are interrupted abruptly as Tash forces my mouth open with her finger and pours custard inside. My mouth obviously isn’t big enough to hold an entire jug of custard and most of it spills out, over my face, on to the table and down my neck.
‘Aww, and you’re usually such a big-mouth.’ I just splutter in response, unable to speak coherently with a mouth-full of custard.
‘Bad boy,’ she says. ‘Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to speak with your mouth full?’
She is clearly revelling in her revenge but it wouldn’t end here, I told myself, oh no missy. You think it was bad on your Birthday, just you wait.
Stopping her onslaught for just a moment, she shuffles down my body and pours custard all over my chest and previously clean belly. Then, she pulls open my boxers and pours the remaining custard inside. Slyly, she runs her finger along my shaft, just once, and I let out a whimper. The cool custard feels incredible down there and she knows just where to touch me but I’m not expecting what she does next. She lifts my legs as far from the table as possible (six inches or so) and grabs a sponge cake with a thick cream and strawberry syrup topping. After pulling my boxers down a little, she presses the cake into my bum, forcing some of the cream and syrup almost inside me. It’s an interesting sensation to say the least but before I have chance to take stock of this feeling I’m presented with another as Tash pulls my boxers back up and tips a tin-full of beans into them. She straddles me again and grinds against me, squishing the beans against my body, making me let out another little groan of pleasure.
‘Don’t you think I’m a little clean, Mike?’ asks Tash.
‘Well, it is unusual for me to be dirtier than you, yes.’
Just then, as if it had been rehearsed, we’re interrupted a sudden knock at the door. I strain to turn and see who it is but can’t twist round enough. The stuff in my eyes from Tash’s earlier efforts doesn’t help either.
‘Well then, who wants to do the honours?’
I feel a second set of hands slide along the mess on my chest while Tash caresses my whole body. A tongue glides along my cheek and then clears some of the mess out of my eyes. After blinking a few times I can make out the figure of another girl, not quite as tall as Tash but almost as beautiful. She’s wearing a red petticoat with fur trim, which shows off her heaving breast and her pert little bum. She gives me a knowing smile and then I recognise her as Tash’s friend, Carrie.
She puts her finger to my lips to silence me, then, dipps it into a tin of rice pudding. She licks it seductively and swaggers over to where Tash is sitting, at the end of the table. She pulls back the waistband of Tash’s panties and tips in the whole can in one go. Tash squirms as the cool pudding hits her ass and pussy, beginning to ooze all round them. I can hear the squelches from here. Putting the tin down, Carrie picks up a box of eggs and slips one into each cup of Tash’s lacy black bra and one in the back of her knickers.
‘Sit,’ she commands, pointing at my crotch.
Tash obeys and lowers herself right on top of me, cracking the egg in her panties and forcing the yellow goo to seep through them, making a puddle on my crotch. Carrie grabs Tash and forces her chest against my own. Again, the eggs smash and seep all over the two of us, coating me in slick yellow goo. Tash grinds against me, smearing the stuff between us once more, creating an incredible sensation all over my bare chest.
All of a sudden, Carrie eases Tash off and climbs up in position to replace her. She picks up a couple of chilled yoghurts and tips them onto my chest. I jerk as much as my restraints will allow as the cold, clammy stuff hits me.
‘That’s so cold!’
‘Shut up,’ she replies.
She rubs the yoghurt into my skin and smears a single handful over the front of my boxers. I could’ve exploded right there and then but Carrie jumps off me. I crane my neck up to see what’s going on, frustrated to be left in this state. I can’t move enough to see what her and Tash are doing but I hear them leaving.
‘Wait,’ I cry out. ‘You’re not leaving me like this, are you?’
They both giggle in response.
‘We’re going to get showered,’ says Tash.
‘Back in a bit,’ says Carrie.
And just like that, they’re gone. I would gladly finish myself off at this point but my hands are still tied. When Tash said she was going to get revenge this is not what I had anticipated. What a tease.



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